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Best Business Factoring Companies

American Funding Solutions

Blue Springs Missouri


Kim Deveney

Managing Partner

Asset Commercial Credit

Rocklin California


Shaun Rovai


Capital Funding Solutions

Hollywood Florida


Greg Porter

VP Sales & Marketing

Crown Financial

Houston Texas


Brandon Hooks

Account Manager

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What to Know About Factoring Companies

When considering the services of a factoring company, there are a some things you should know. First, it is crucial to understand that factoring companies operate differently from traditional lenders. They do not offer loans; instead, they provide financing based on the value of your outstanding invoices.

Factoring companies have become increasingly popular among businesses looking for alternative financing options. By leveraging their outstanding invoices, businesses can access immediate cash flow to meet their operational needs. This can be particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that may struggle to secure traditional bank loans due to limited collateral or a short operating history.

Second, not all factoring companies are the same. Before choosing a factoring company, it is essential to conduct thorough research and evaluate their reputation, terms, and fees. Look for a company that has experience in your specific industry and understands its unique challenges and payment patterns. Fortunately, you can rely on FactoringClub for this information.

Third, consider the level of customer service provided by the factoring company. A reputable factoring company should have a dedicated team of professionals who can assist you throughout the entire process, from onboarding to collections. They should be responsive to your inquiries and provide transparent communication to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

Fourth, the fee structure varies between factoring companies, so it’s crucial to assess their rates and ensure they align with your business needs and financial goals. When evaluating the fees, consider not only the percentage charged on the value of the invoices but also any additional charges or hidden costs.

Factoring companies can provide numerous benefits to your business. One major advantage is improved cash flow. By selling your invoices to a factoring company, you can receive immediate payment for your goods or services, allowing you to cover operational expenses, invest in growth opportunities, and maintain a stable financial position.

First, improved cash flow means more than just having money in your bank account. It means having the ability to seize opportunities as they arise. Whether it’s expanding your product line, investing in new technology, or hiring additional staff, having a steady stream of cash allows you to make strategic decisions that can propel your business forward.

Second, partnering with a factoring company can save you time and effort. Instead of dedicating resources to chasing unpaid invoices, you can focus on your core business activities and leave the responsibility of collections to the factoring company. This can greatly reduce administrative burdens and improve overall efficiency.

Imagine the time and energy you can save by not having to make countless phone calls or send numerous emails to remind customers about their outstanding payments. With a factoring company handling collections, you can redirect your efforts towards building relationships with new clients, enhancing your products or services, and exploring innovative marketing strategies.

Third, factoring companies can help mitigate the risk of non-payment by providing credit checks on potential customers. This valuable service can prevent you from entering into business relationships with unreliable or financially unstable clients, protecting your business from potential losses.

Think about the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that you’re working with customers who have been vetted by professionals. This not only safeguards your financial stability but also allows you to focus on nurturing long-term partnerships with trustworthy clients who value your products or services.

In addition to credit checks, factoring companies often offer valuable insights and expertise in managing accounts receivable. They can provide guidance on credit terms, collection strategies, and even help you negotiate favorable terms with your suppliers. This level of support can be invaluable, especially for small businesses that may not have the resources or experience to navigate these complex financial matters on their own.

By partnering with a factoring company, you’re not only gaining access to immediate cash flow and efficient collections but also tapping into a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise. This can help you make informed decisions, streamline your financial operations, and ultimately drive the growth and success of your business.

Choosing the right factoring company is crucial to ensure a successful partnership. The most important considerations are the factoring company’s industry expertise, contract terms and customer service.

Industry expertise

Choose a factoring company that has expertise in your industry. Although the accounts receivable financing process is fairly standard, there are some niche industries that require expertise.

Niche industries include:

If your business operates in one of these industries, then finding a factoring company that has experience in your industry is vitally important.

Contract terms

All factoring companies have contract terms regarding contract length, termination fees or cancellation fees. Long-term contracts requiring six months or longer should be thoughtfully evaluated. Conflicts can arise over a number of issues and cancellation notices often go unnoticed. These situations create an undesirable long-term relationship or result in hefty cancellation fees.

Most of FactoringClub’s top factoring companies offer “month-to-month” or “no-term” contracts, with quick and easy cancellation notices.

Non-recourse factoring

Opting for non-recourse factoring can be an effective strategy to mitigate credit risks associated with customer credit issues. However, most non-recourse agreements only cover customer credit situations such as insolvency or bankruptcy. You’re still on the hook for customer disputes, irregularities and fraud. Non-recourse factoring is generally more restrictive, meaning you may find it difficult to factor all your invoices if your factoring company deems your customer credit is insufficient.

Minimum volume fees

Some factoring companies charge a fee if you don’t factor a minimum invoice volume each month. This is especially common if you negotiated a low factoring rate based on an expected volume. You should carefully consider monthly minimum fees, especially if your sales are seasonal or sporadic.

Advance rates

The advance rate in invoice factoring varies across different industries, primarily due to the degree of risk associated with the industry. Advance rates are typically in the 80 to 90% range. Freight factoring companies offer higher advance rates, often 95% to 100% (referred to as fully-funded).

Factoring Fees

Factoring fees or factoring rates can range anywhere between 1 to 5% of the invoice value. The variation in rates depends on the following criteria:

  1. Funding amount: Higher monthly funding receive lower rates.
  2. Customer creditworthiness: High creditworthy customers pose less risk and usually receive lower rates.
  3. Transaction risk: More complex and risky transactions require higher rates.
  4. Days outstanding: Factoring costs generally increase as your invoices take longer to collect.

Factoring companies determine factoring costs in either of two ways.

Adjustable or time-based rates: The factoring company calculates factoring costs on an outstanding days basis (e.g. monthly, weekly or even daily basis). For instance, if your accounts receivables are outstanding 45 days, then the rate may be calculated as one 30-day rate plus two weekly rates, and possibly a one-day rate.

Flat fee or flat rate: The factoring company charges a set rate (called a flat-rate), so that no matter the number of collection days outstanding, the factoring cost is simply the flat-rate times the invoice amount.

Often, factoring companies use a combination of the two methods – flat rates plus a time-based interest rate.

Customer service

Accounts receivable factoring is a service as much as it is a financing tool, so good customer service is a must. Consider the following:

  1. Is the sales person interested in me, as well as my business?
  2. Can the sales person answer my questions knowledgeably and clearly?
  3. Do I get a designated account manager to handle my account?

When in doubt, consult an industry broker or expert such as FactoringClub.

While factoring companies can offer significant benefits, it is important to avoid common mistakes that can negatively impact your business. First, carefully review and understand the terms and conditions of the factoring agreement before signing. Ensure that you are comfortable with the fees, length of the contract, and any recourse options in case of disputes.

Another mistake is relying solely on factoring as long-term financing. Factoring should be used strategically to manage cash flow gaps; it is not a substitute for proper financial planning and budgeting. Maintain a healthy balance between factoring and other financing options to ensure the long-term sustainability of your business.

Finally, maintain open communication with your customers throughout the factoring process. Transparency and clear communication about your financing arrangements can help avoid misunderstandings and maintain a positive business relationship.

Factoring companies can be valuable partners in improving your business’s cash flow and financial stability. Understanding the basics of factoring and choosing the right company for your needs are essential steps towards a successful factoring arrangement. By avoiding common mistakes and leveraging the benefits of factoring, you can strengthen your business’s financial position and focus on achieving growth and success.

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