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best truck factoring companies

Best Truck Factoring 2018

FactoringClub selected this year’s 5 best freight factoring companies from over 50 companies. Awards were based on factoring terms and features, customer service and overall excellence.

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Best Factoring Companies 2018

FactoringClub selected this year’s 5 best factoring companies from over 100 companies. Awards were based on factoring terms and features, customer service and overall excellence.

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Invoice factoring for small businesses

Why Choose Invoice Factoring?

Fledgling businesses, start-up companies, and growing businesses often need to evaluate funding options when cash flow problems arise. As any experienced business person knows, consistent cash flow is one of the keys to a well-run business. Invoice factoring or accounts receivable factoring is an excellent way of helping businesses stay in control of their cash

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Online lending vs Invoice factoring

Cash Advance vs Invoice Factoring

Business cash advances have made significant inroads into the small business lending market. Fast loans, quick turn-arounds, and easy approvals have made many online lenders an attractive source of funding for businesses that need financing. However, there’s a lot of drawbacks to consider before you go get your one-day approved cash advance. In fact, borrowers should

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Factoring Company Questions

How to Choose a Factoring Company

Finding the right factoring company for your business requires diligence, but it’s time well spent and it can save you a lot of headache and trouble. Look a variety of factors such as customer service, factoring costs, and contract terms when making your decision.

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How to Select a Factoring Rate Structure.

Factoring Rates: Fixed vs Adjustable

In recent years there have been many factoring companies out there offering what seems like impossibly low factoring rates. Often times these rates can be less than even one percent. To any business that has used factoring, these rates sound amazing, and certainly that is the hope of the factoring companies offering these rates. However,

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Learn Invoice Factoring 101: the basics.

Accounts Receivable Factoring 101

Invoice factoring is the sale of accounts receivable at a discount before the invoice due date. Your company receives its cash as soon as you invoice your customers, instead of waiting the usual 30, 60 or 90 days later. Since cash is the lifeblood of your company, an interruption of cash flow can have serious,

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How to Determine Factoring Credit Size for your business.

Sizing up a Factoring Company for Your Business

If your shopping for a factoring company, you need to consider the size of the factoring company. For our purposes, factoring company size refers to the credit size (or credit facility) that a factoring company offers. Factoring companies come in many sizes as we’ll see below. You want to find the right size as if

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Find the right Factoring Company!

Choose your factoring company by looking at factors such as industry, credit size, factoring rates, contract terms, location, and customer service.