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Freight factoring for truckers

Trucking companies all across the nation depend on freight factoring to run and operate their businesses. Freight factoring stabilizes your cash flow by giving you immediate cash for your freight bills upon load delivery. You don’t have to wait 30 to 60 days for your customers to pay, which enables you to handle more deliveries.

Trucking factoring turns freight bills into immediate cash.

Freight bill factoring provides a complete financing alternative to negotiating with every single freight broker for which you deliver goods. Freight factoring companies handle all your invoices, no matter how many brokers you have. This is especially important for trucking companies that work with a large number of freight brokers such as C.H. Robinson, TQL, and XPO Logistics.

If you operate a trucking company, and your customers have good credit but are slow paying their freight bills then you should consider hiring one of the top freight factoring companies to help you. Not only do you get cash advances, but you often receive other benefits such as fuel cards (e.g. Comdata, WEX Fleet One); fuel discounts; tire and maintenance discount programs, and free freight-matching load boards versus paying for loads on boards like DAT or Truckstop.com.

Back office support

Truck factoring companies advance you cash to keep your trucks on the road, but they also do much more. Trucking factoring companies typically provide back office functions such as credit checks on brokers and shippers; invoice generation and submission; receivables processing and accounting; as well as professional collections. These services are extremely helpful to any trucker, whether your a single owner-operator or a large carrier.

Trucking advance rates

Trucking companies enjoy the best advance rates in the factoring industry. Other types of businesses such as staffing or construction often carry advance rates of 85% or less, but trucking cash advance rates are often 95% or more. Some freight factoring companies will fully-fund your freight bills, advancing the entire invoice amount less factoring fees.

Recourse vs non-recourse

Some freight factoring companies offer you a choice between recourse and non-recourse factoring. Recourse factoring protects you from non-payments due to customers credit issues. Non-recourse factoring holds your factoring company liable for any bad debts, but it’s usually more expensive. Recourse and non-recourse factoring pertain only to non-payments resulting from credit issues such as insolvency or bankruptcy. You’re still liable for disputed claims, non-delivered goods or incorrect billing.

Trucking factoring is easy as 1-2-3

Complete the delivery of goods to your customer and send your freight bill (or BOL) to your freight factoring company.

Your freight factoring company purchases your freight bills and sends you cash for up to 100% of the invoice within 24 to 48 hours.

Your freight factoring company collects payment from your customers and sends you any reserve as final payment.

Freight bill factoring services

Invoice factoring provides cash flow

Steady Cash Flow

You don’t have to wait weeks or months to receive payments from your customers.

Invoice factoring provides receivables management

Freight Bill Management

No need to mess with the tedious paperwork of invoicing and collections.

Invoice factoring provides business credit services

Broker Credit Services

Know your customers’ credit score and payment history before you do business with them.

Invoice financing has no loans or debt

Fuel Cards & Advances

Fuel cards and advances help you deliver your loads on time and keep your trucks running.

Invoice financing is quick and easy

Quick Approval

After submitting an application, you could be funded in as few as two or three business days.

Invoice financing provides peace of mind

Peace of mind

You get financial stability and the ability to focus on running your trucking company.

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