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Star Funding is a New York City finance company that provides working capital solutions to small and mid-size businesses.

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Asset based lending Invoice factoring Purchase order financing Supplier financing

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Billing and collection services Customer credit services Large factoring ($10M+) Online reporting QuickBooks integration Same-day funding Select invoice factoring Single invoice factoring

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Star Funding is a New York factoring company.

Avi Levine

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About Star Funding

Star Funding is a commercial finance company in New York City that specializes in trade finance. Located in Midtown Manhattan, Star Funding has been providing invoice factoring and PO financing to food distributors, manufacturers, and importers since 1999. Our typical client is a small to medium-sized company engaged in the manufacturing or distribution of goods such as apparel, food and raw materials. Star Funding is one of the few finance companies that also offers both accounts receivable factoring and PO funding.

Star Funding offers non-recourse receivables factoring for wholesalers and distributors as well as business services, staffing, oil and gas companies and more. Our non-recourse factoring facility protects you against the credit risk of selling to your customers on open terms. We also help with your collections and managing your open accounts receivables. You can focus on running your business rather than worrying about your daily cash needs.

In addition to invoice factoring, Star Funding also provides purchase order funding. Our PO funding is ideal for businesses that lack the funds to fill single or multiple customer orders and face the risk of losing business. If you have a purchase order from a credit-worthy customer, we will cover the cost to produce or purchase those goods for resale. Once the product is sold, we will then factor the resulting accounts receivable and collect payment from your customer. Star Funding is one of very few PO finance companies that will also consider work-in-process (WIP) funding if your customer is credit-worthy and we are comfortable with the manufacturing process.

Star Funding provides these commercial financing benefits:

  • We offer factoring facilities up to $15 million.
  • We provide non-recourse factoring to protect you from customer credit issues.
  • We offer both purchase order financing and invoice factoring services.
  • We’ll consider work-in-process (WIP) PO funding in certain situations.

When it comes to growing your business, Star Funding offers a unique combination of financing solutions. Backed by a team of experts with decades of experience, we make quick decisions without the red tape. Our breadth of knowledge and years of trade experience ensure smooth, hassle-free cash flow and bottom line protection.

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Star Funding is a New York factoring company.

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