Sallyport Commercial Finance

14100 Southwest Frwy, Houston, TX
Sallyport Commercial is a Houston, TX factoring company.
Nick Hart of Sallyport Commercial Finance
Nick Hart

Sallyport Commercial Finance is an independently owned and operated factoring company in Houston, TX. Sallyport offers a full-range of customized financial products including accounts receivable financing, international factoring, asset based lending and purchase order financing.

Sallyport Commercial Finance was formed to serve clients across the United States from its headquarters in Houston, Texas. We provide oil and gas factoring services in all the major energy locations in the US. We've worked in East and West Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Northeast US and Western US.

Sallyport offers these invoice factoring benefits:

  • Confidential factoring available
  • Domestic & export receivables financing
  • Advance rates up to 90%
  • Funding facilities from $100,000 to $10 million

We fund invoices for customers that are both domestically and internationally based, subject to credit worthiness and some due diligence. We have experience in all the major trading and commerce centers in the US, as well as having worked globally.

Industries Served

Featured Services

Collection services:
Credit services:
24 hour funding:
Non-recourse factoring:
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Terms of Service

How much is your application and start-up fees?
$500 due diligence fee.
How long is your contract?
Usually 1 year.
What is your cancellation fee?
No cancellation fees for returning to referral source, otherwise 5% of facility size for early termination.
Do you require a monthly minimum?
Do I have to factor all my invoices?
When is my reserve available?
Immediately after the invoice is paid.
What additional fees do you charge?
Wire $35, ACH $10, Lockbox fee $50/mo, UCC monitoring fee $100/mo

General Information

Year founded:
No. employees:
14100 Southwest Frwy, Houston, TX

Financial Information


14100 Southwest Frwy, Houston, TX

14100 Southwest Frwy, Houston, TX

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