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Gibraltar Business Capital is a Chicago finance company that provides asset-based lines of credit to larger business with at least $10MM in annual revenues.

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Billing and collection services Customer credit services Large factoring ($10M+) No minimum fees Online reporting Same-day funding Select invoice factoring

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Gibraltar Business Capital is a Chicago receivables financing company that provides credit lines for lower mid-market companies with annual revenues of at least $10 million. Gibraltar provides creative and flexible working capital alternatives to a commercial bank loan.

With fast, flexible asset-based lending, Gibraltar help business owners meet their objectives without restrictive bank requirements. Building on its 65-year history, Gibraltar Business Capital is a top tier business partner with best-in-industry capital, infrastructure, personnel and resources.

Gibraltar Business Capital provides these receivables financing benefits:

  • Credit lines starting at $2 million
  • Collateral of A/R, inventory and equipment
  • Portfolio-based verification
  • Similar to a bank line of credit

Since our first client in 1951, we’ve built on our experience to become an industry leader in asset-based lending. We help business owners and their advisers execute on their plans, at their pace, no matter the circumstances.

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Gibraltar is a Chicago, IL factoring company.

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