Allied Affiliated Funding

5151 Beltline Road, Dallas, TX
Allied Affiliated Funding is a Dallas, TX factoring company.
Farrah Vargus of Allied Affiliated Funding
Farrah Vargas

Allied Affiliated Funding is a Texas factoring company located in Dallas that is respected for its tenure and stability. Founded in 1992 by Clay Tramel, Allied was created with the goal to design a simple factoring rate structure that allows business owners to clearly calculate their factoring cost. Strong client relationships, high levels of customer satisfaction, flexible deal terms, no hidden fees, and creativity are all hallmarks of our company.

We can provide fast funding for your company. We understand the need for speed and our whole team jumps into action to help find a fast funding solution for you. We can pre-approve your credit line in less than 24 hours and fund you in less than 5 days.

Allied offers these invoice factoring features:

  • Same-day funding on invoices
  • Simple fee structure at competitive rates
  • No minimum fees
  • No requirement to fund all invoices
  • No termination fee if you secure a bank line
  • Just-in-time online system

In addition to invoice factoring, we offer our existing clients many additional supplemental financing products such as inventory financing, purchase order financing, revolving lines of credit, equipment financing, and small term loans.

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Terms of Service

How much is your application and start-up fees?
$0 - no application/startup fees.
How long is your contract?
Standard is 12 months. However, we do not have minimums, so you can factor as much or as little as you like during this time frame.
What is your cancellation fee?
$0 if you terminate to transition to a standard bank line; otherwise, an agreed upon % based upon the facility amount.
Do you require a monthly minimum?
Can I select which invoices I want to factor?
When is my reserve available?
Upon request - you can set up a schedule for exactly how often you want to receive them.
What additional fees do you charge?
We do not charge any additional fees other than the factoring fee that is clearly stated. Other fees are standard pass through costs (ex: wire fee, credit report fee, etc) that all factors charge.

General Information

Year founded:
No. employees:
IFA, CFA, AFA, TMA, The Finance Forum
5151 Beltline Road, Dallas, TX

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5151 Beltline Road, Dallas, TX

5151 Beltline Road, Dallas, TX

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