Coral Capital Solutions

275 Madison Avenue, New York, NY
Coral Capital is a New York City factoring company.
Einat Steklov of Coral Capital Solutions
Einat Steklov

Coral Capital Solutions is a New York City commercial finance company that provides working capital to small and mid-size businesses mainly through accounts receivable factoring and purchase order financing. We also provide asset based loans against receivables and inventory.

Our accounts receivable financing provides business owners, CEOs and CFOs with predictable cash flow and assists in a fast conversion of invoices into cash. We purchase accounts receivable (invoices) and immediately advance a significant portion of their face value to you.

Coral Capital provides these invoice factoring benefits:

  • Factoring facilities up to $15 million
  • Non-recourse factoring
  • Online portal with 24/7 access
  • Not required to factor all invoices

Coral Capital Solutions is well capitalized, using our own equity to get you funded quickly - from commitment to funding.

Industries Served

Featured Services

Collection services:
Credit services:
24 hour funding:
Non-recourse factoring:
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Terms of Service

How much is your application and start-up fees?
varies according to transaction structure
How long is your contract?
Typically 2 years
What is your cancellation fee?
Payment of minimum commitment of term
Do you require a monthly minimum?
We typically have clients commit to a quarterly or monthly minimum amount of factored receivables that best matches their business cycles and financing needs.
Do I have to factor all my invoices?
When is my reserve available?
Immediately when available per the factoring agreement terms
What additional fees do you charge?
Wire Fees Bank Charges There are no per invoice minimum fees/charges There are no collateral management or maintenance fees There is no split between Factoring fee and Advance Fee, we have just one fee

General Information

Year founded:
No. employees:
275 Madison Avenue, New York, NY

Financial Information


275 Madison Avenue, New York, NY

275 Madison Avenue, New York, NY

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