United Capital Funding

146 2nd St N, St Petersburg, FL
United Capital is a Tampa, FL factoring company.
Peggy Dlugozima of United Capital
Peggy Dlugozima
Marketing & Inhouse Sales

United Capital is a factoring company in St. Petersburg, Florida that has been helping businesses grow since 1997. We have offices in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee to better assist you and make financing easy. We serve many industries including manufacturing, information technology, security guard, staffing, service businesses and government and can cover AR financing for both large and small companies.

You can qualify for our factoring services if your business has $25,000 or more in accounts receivables from delivered goods or services or other company assets. Qualified applicants can receive funds up to $4,000,000. We have a free, quick and easy application. Our approval process only takes 24 hours. Once approved, you'll have your funds in just days.

United Capital provides these invoice factoring benefits:

  • No personal guarantee required
  • No application fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No cancellation fees

Our invoice factoring services offer you access to working capital to meet your individual business requirements and help your company grow, hire new employees, acquire inventory, and improve cash flow.

Industries Served:

Featured Services:

Collection services:
Credit services:
24 hour funding:
Non-recourse factoring:
Online reporting:
Invoice software integration:

Terms of Service:

Contract length:
Our Accounts Receivable Purchase Agreement typically has a term of one year. There are no penalties or liquidated damage clauses as part of our Agreements.
Application and start-up fees:
$0. We do not charge an application or start-up fee.
Monthly minimum:
No. There are no monthly, quarterly or annual minimum volume requirements. This allows you maximum flexibility and ensures you only pay for the funding you actually use.
Factor all invoices:
No, you elect which client, and which invoice to factor. If you choose to do so, you can sell all of your approved AR to us.
Reserve availability:
The reserves are disbursed 2 times a month. The 3rd business day after the 15th of the month and the 3rd day after the last day of the month. We can discuss if they are needed more often.
Cancellation fee:
$0. We do not charge a cancellation fee.
Additional fees:
Banking fee. ACH Transfer is $20 and takes 2 days to get to your bank or the Wire Transfer is $30 and is in your bank the same day. You choose which option you would like.

General Information

Year founded:
No. employees:
146 2nd St N, St Petersburg, FL
Other office locations:
Charlotte, Nashville

Financial Information

Minimum credit facility ($):
Maximum credit facility ($):
Advance rate (%):

146 2nd St N, St Petersburg, FL

146 2nd St N, St Petersburg, FL

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