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We are specialists in serving our clients’ needs with Invoice Factoring, Purchase Order Finance, Lines of Credit and Merchant Cash Advance Refinancing.

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Asset based lending Invoice factoring Purchase order financing

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Pendleton Capital Group is a finance company in Houston, Texas that provides purchase order finance, invoice factoring, as well as secured lines of credit. If your business is under-capitalized or you’re experiencing seasonal spikes in orders, we can help you buy inventory and grow sales without increasing bank debt or selling equity.

Our purchase order financing gives you the ability to fulfill all your sales orders, even those that exceed your normal operations. We can finance up to 100% of your supplier cost and provide your overseas manufacturers the assurance to start production of goods.

Pendleton provides these different types of financing:

We are much more than just your average invoice factoring company or asset based lender. We provide a multitude of services that create value for today’s entrepreneur.

Pendleton Capital is a purchase order finance company.

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