Factoring Services by Industry

Factoring Services by Industry

Apparel Factoring


Apparel factoring is for manufacturers, distributors and re-sellers within the apparel and fashion industry.

Invoice Factoring

Business Services

Invoice factoring for any commercial service provider such as professional services, security firms, couriers, etc.

Construction Factoring


Construction factoring deals with general contractors, sub-contractors, liens and progress billing payments.

Distribution factoring


Invoice factoring for all types of distributors, re-sellers, and wholesalers of merchandise and goods.

Government Contract Factoring

Government Contractors

Government contract factoring involves special government forms and procedures.

Healthcare factoring


Healthcare factoring involves third-party reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance providers.

International factoring


International factoring is for U.S. based companies that have customers in foreign countries.

Manufacturing factoring services


Invoice factoring for manufacturers in any industry including food, merchandise, supplies, parts, etc.

Micro factoring

Micro Factoring

Micro factoring companies serve businesses that have approximately $20,000 or less of monthly revenues.

Oil and Gas factoring

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas factoring is for oilfield service providers such as drilling, equipment and hauling companies.

Purchase order financing

Purchase Order Financing

PO financing funds your suppliers and manufacturers for customer orders.

Spot factoring

Spot Factoring

Invoice factoring for businesses that need funding for a single invoice or one-time transaction.

Staffing Factoring

Staffing Agencies

Invoice factoring for temporary staffing agencies, medical staffing companies, IT staffing and other staffing agencies.

Trucking Factoring

Trucking and Freight

Freight bill factoring for owner-operators, fleets, carriers and freight brokers.

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