Hamilton Group is a New York factoring company.

The Hamilton Group

The Hamilton Group is a New York factoring company that has leveraged their experience in the banking industry and alternative financing market to offer emerging businesses a better way to finance their growth. They wanted to provide capital in a way that made sense while providing flexibility to expand with growing business needs.

In 1994, The Hamilton Group rolled-out their unique invoice financing program that featured numerous unique client benefits such as no personal guarantees, non-recourse agreements, no term contracts and no minimums. Since then, most factoring companies have adopted these same features into their factoring services.

The Hamilton Group offers these invoice factoring benefits:

  • No personal guarantees required
  • No term commitments
  • No minimum volume requirements
  • No all-asset collateral filing on your business
  • No reserve hold
  • No additional fees
  • Soft notification

Not all businesses have the same growth needs, nor do they all want the same features in their factor. But universally, they all want the "best deal." Since its inception in 1994, The Hamilton Group has successfully delivered upon that goal by leading its industry with unconventional, client-friendly solutions.

Industries Served:

Featured Services:

24 Hour Funding:
Collection Services:
Credit Services:
Digital Invoice Processing:
Online Reporting:
Non-recourse Factoring:

Terms of Service:

Application and Start-up Fees:
No fees involved to get approved for our program.
Contract Length:
We offer a No Term contract. You can leave at any time without fee or penalty.
Cancellation Fee:
No Cancellation Fees involved with our program.
Monthly Minimum:
No Monthly Minimums.
Factor All Invoices:
You get to choose what invoices you want to factor and when you want to factor them.
Reserve Availability:
No hold on reserves. We release the reserve immediately upon payment of the invoice.
Additional Fees:
Zero. No Additional Fees or Rate Enhancers in our program.
Robert Kort of The Hamilton Group
Robert Kort
Chief Marketing Officer

General Information:

Year Founded:
No. Employees:
100 Elwood Davis Rd, North Syracuse, NY
Other Office Locations:
Los Angeles, CA

Financial Information:

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100 Elwood Davis Rd, North Syracuse, NY