J D Factors Toronto

315 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga, ON
J D Factors is a Los Angeles, CA factoring company.
Christian Hernandez of J D Factors Toronto.
Christian Hernandez
Business Development Officer

J D Factors is a factoring company headquartered in Palos Verdes, California with offices located throughout the United States and Canada. We've been providing receivables factoring since 1989. We provide non-recourse factoring which means we assume the credit risk. If any invoice you factor with us isn’t paid for a credit reason, you are not liable.

We serve trucking companies of every size with our non-recourse freight bill factoring services. As a freight factoring customer, you're automatically approved for our convenient, cost-saving fuel card program. You also have access to our free load board (FreeLoader) so you’ll have a full load for each trip. You can manage your account, generate and submit invoices, and get unlimited free credit checks through our state-of-the-art online account management system, ClientNet.

J D Factors offers these invoice factoring benefits:

  • Setting up your account is easy and takes just a few days.
  • Once your account is setup, you simply submit your invoices and receive your cash within 24 hours.
  • Manage your account and submit invoices 24/7 on our online account management platform.
  • You choose which invoices you want to factor.
  • Our non-recourse factoring service frees you from any credit risk.

J D Factors is dedicated to building relationships by providing superior customer service and support. We take the time to know you and your business. We work with you to create a custom factoring program to fit your individual needs. Our pricing is upfront and transparent with no hidden fees. Our non-recourse factoring gives you the peace of mind to run your business without worrying about credit or collections.

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Terms of Service

How much is your application and start-up fees?
How long is your contract?
6 to 12 months.
What is your cancellation fee?
Depends on contract.
Do you require a monthly minimum?
Can I select which invoices I want to factor?
When is my reserve available?
Upon request.
What additional fees do you charge?
Wire or courier fees.

General Information

Year founded:
No. employees:
IFA Canada, CFA
315 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga, ON

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315 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga, ON

315 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga, ON

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