Brookridge Funding

26 Mill Plain Road, Danbury, CT
Brookridge Funding is a purchase order financing company.
Michael Hilton of Brookridge Funding
Michael Hilton

Brookridge Funding is a purchase order financing company located in Danbury, Connecticut just 70 miles north of New York City. The Brookridge team has been providing PO financing for businesses across the United States and Canada for over 21 years and brings deep experience in running and financing businesses. Brookridge focuses on improving your cash flow, filling your orders and growing your profits.

We give you the ability to buy inventory and grow sales without having to get debt financing or dilute your equity. Our funding is quickly available for unexpected customer orders or seasonal sales spikes. Your overseas manufacturers get the necessary assurance to start production of goods knowing they will be paid.

Our typical accounts range in size from $50,000 to $10 million and cover a multitude of industries. We don't charge upfront due diligence fees, just a $300 application fee. We'll process your application within 24 hours. The funding relationship can usually be established within 10 working days. Once the contracts are in place, funding occurs within 24 hours of the completed funding request.

Featured Services

Domestic financing
International financing:
Finished goods financing:
Production financing:

Terms of Service

What is our required gross profit margin?
20% typically
Do you finance 100% of the goods?
Yes, only limited by the factoring take-out amount.
Do you also factor the accounts receivables?
No, but we partner with many factoring companies.
Do you have any additional requirements for PO financing?
Purchase orders must be firm, non cancellable and from creditworthy customers. Delivery dates must be readily achievable. Suppliers must be established and dependable.

General Information

Year founded:
No. employees:
26 Mill Plain Road, Danbury, CT

Financial Information

Minimum credit facility ($):
Maximum credit facility ($):
Other types of financing:
Inventory Financing, Trade Finance, Government Contract Finance

26 Mill Plain Road, Danbury, CT

26 Mill Plain Road, Danbury, CT

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