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Virginia factoring companies help businesses improve cash flow.
Virginia factoring companies help businesses improve cash flow.

Richmond and Norfolk businesses use invoice factoring in many industries including software, communications, consulting, defense contracting, and a large professional government sector (since Virginia is located in the vicinity of Washington DC). Seven Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Northern Virginia, and nine in the Richmond area. Virginia is considered one of the top states for business due to economic growth, business costs, incentives and quality of life. With so much business activity, Virginia is ripe for invoice factoring.

Accounts receivable factoring is an ideal solution if you can't qualify for traditional financing. You can get cash in as soon as 5 to 10 business days. Not only does factoring services solve cash flow problems, but it also reduces your overhead costs. You no longer need to in-house personnel for receivables management and collections.

Benefits of invoice factoring include

  • Tomorrow's cash is available today.
  • Reliable and steady cash flow.
  • Immediate cash to pay suppliers and employees.
  • No debt or loan payments.

Businesses looking for accounts receivable factoring should research factoring companies. Factoring Club is the best source of information to find the right factoring company.

Invoice Financing
Is Quick & Easy

1. Send your invoices to your factoring company.
2. Your factoring company buys your invoices and sends you 80% to 95% of the invoice amount within 24 to 48 hours.
3. Your factoring company collects the invoices from your customer and sends you the final payment.
Invoice financing is a quick and easy process.
Choosing a factoring company.

Choosing a
Factoring Company

Choose your factoring company by looking at factors such as industry, credit size, factoring rates, contract terms, location, and customer service.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Cash Flow Solution

Accounts receivable financing virtually eliminates your collection days and speeds up cash flow to operate your business.

Receivables Management

Your factoring company handles all the accounts receivable functions including collections, accounting and reporting.

Business Credit Services

Factoring companies analyze your customers' credit scores and monitor credit limits to protect you from bad debt losses.

No Loans or Debt

Accounts receivable financing doesn't involve risky loans or debt and doesn't require you to make loan repayments.

Quick and Easy

Invoice financing is available within 5 to 10 business days and doesn’t require historical financials or spotless credit.

Peace of Mind

Receivables factoring provides business stability and allows you to focus on operating your business rather than handling cash flow problems.

Guide to Factoring Receivables

Discover why invoice factoring can be better than bank financing, learn the receivables factoring process and factoring rate structures, know what to expect when applying for factoring services and much more.